Women’s Jelly V Stud One Red | Flats | Women’s Shoes

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Jelly V Stud One Red, is Cool, Comfortable soft jelly shoes, which are perfect for casual wear. Best value for your money or rather your feet!

Our jelly shoes are a fun and trendy addition to your wardrobe. Also known as ‘Jelly slippers’, ‘Jellybeans’ or just ‘Jellies’, available in a variety of colors. Moreover, they can be worn on any occasion and at any place and offer you a trendy and comfortable way to flaunt your feet. Wear them indoors or outdoors, at the beach or out shopping, they will not compromise on comfort or style. Our low prices allow you to purchase them in as many colors as you’d like knowing that you will find a use for each and every pair you buy from us.


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  • Durable & Comfortable
  • Casual wear

  • Women’s Jelly V Stud One Red | Flats | Women’s Shoes
General Information

Product Type : Women’s Shoes, Flats Footwear
Production country : International
Main Material: PVC
Return Policy: 24 Hours Returns

Free Shipping Days To Karachi: 1-3 days

Free Shipping Days To Lahore: 3-5 day

Free Shipping Days To Islamabad: 3-5 days

FreeShipping Days to Other Cities: 3-8 days

Shipping Weight (kg) 0.5

Additional information

Weight .5 kg

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1 review for Women’s Jelly V Stud One Red | Flats | Women’s Shoes

  1. rabia afzal

    Amazing quality love to wear jelly shoes ,sandles believe me dont think and place your order.v soft material v jelly fashion.

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